How to Navigate the PomPrint Designs Web Site — also available in Polish, Latvian, Estonian, Esperanto …………

For other languages: Click ‘Translate’ button.

The PomPrint Designs group of websites now uses as the primary gateway to all parts.

The site has two distinct parts:-

  • The news feed
  • The corporate sites

The News Feed will provide short and colourful information snippets of the

  • latest offers,
  • delivery information,
  • news,
  • other related posts.

They will appear on the home page in chronological order (newest first).

Access the Corporate Part via the menu on the left side of the screen. Click on the three white line icon in the top left corner.

You will find important items such as:

  • catalogues,
  • on-line store,
  • contact details.
This shows the PomPrint website home page before opening the menu bar. This is opened using the 3 white lines in the top left corner.

Above is the ‘Welcome’ part of the home screen. Scrolling down takes you to the news reel:

Example of news reel items that can be found on the PomPrint website.

Click the three white line icon, we open up the main menu with the links to the catalogues and commercial sites.

The main menu can be seen as a fly-out on the left

For those customers who do not have English as a first language, there is a ‘Translate’ button at the bottom left which will translate automatically the contents into a variety of languages that we believe to be spoken in the North East of Scotland.

I hope that you all enjoy using our new web site.

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